Man Arrested in Pennsylvania After Placing ‘Biden: I Did That’ Stickers at Gas Pumps: Report

Man Arrested in Pennsylvania After Placing ‘Biden: I Did That’ Stickers at Gas Pumps: Report
A man was arrested in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after allegedly placing stickers at gas pumps that blame President Joe Biden for skyrocketing gas prices across the nation.

Thomas Richard Glazewski, 53, of Lancaster was confronted by police following a disturbance in-progress call on March 31 involving “an irate male” at a gas pump in Turkey Hill, the East Hempfield Township Police Department said in charging documents.

Glazewski had charges filed against him that include resisting arrest, police said. He was also charged with summary offenses of disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief.

According to witnesses, Glazewski had placed the satirical stickers with the words: “I Did That!” along with a picture of the president pointing at prices on gas pumps. He made reference to the high price of gasoline in the United States, an increase many Americans have blamed on Biden.

Police said an employee at the Turkey Hill gas station approached the man to inform him that placing such stickers on pumps is illegal. This confrontation led to Glazewski allegedly starting to scream in the employee’s face.

As police arrived on the scene and encountered the man, he also began yelling at authorities.

“The officer attempted to verbally de-escalate the situation to no avail,” according to the charging documents. “The irate male then ran towards a store employee in an aggressive manner. The officer was able to intervene and subdue the male.”

While Glazewski was being forced into the back of a police vehicle, he also suffered “self-inflicted injuries” that required EMS to transport him to a local hospital for treatment, the document says.

Glazewski’s confrontation with police was captured in video footage, showing an officer tackling and later pinning him as he repeatedly yells: “I did that. I did that. That’s what I did”—likely referencing stickers of the finger-pointing Biden affixed on the gas pump.

Identical “I did that!” stickers featuring Biden next to skyrocketing fuel prices at gas pumps have cropped up in many places nationwide. The stickers have become a popular protest against the rising gas prices.

“I take off five or six a day from our different pumps,” Perry Cagle, assistant manager of an Exxon station in Alabama, told WAAY-TV in March.

Hajra Akram, a cashier at Stockmen’s Truck Stop in South St. Paul, Minnesota, told KSTP in mid-March that removing “I did that!” stickers has become “almost an everyday thing.”

“The minute they pile up and it’s like, ‘Oh, I got to take time from out of being here and scrape it off first.’ So, you know, just keep it off of there—maybe put it on your own car on the back,” Akram told the network.

One gallon of regular unleaded gas is averaging $4.202 in Pennsylvania and $4.098 nationally as of Tuesday, according to the American Auto Association.

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