Debate over Paris image flooded rubbish

Debate over Paris image flooded rubbish
The keyword "Paris flooded with garbage" has been popular on Twitter recently with a series of pictures of the city full of garbage, but officials say this is a smear campaign.

The keyword #saccageparis (Paris flooded with trash) on Twitter has recently been responded to by many people by posting pictures of street corners and public places in the city piled with rubbish. Many people see this as a way to express anger at the "unacceptably filthy" city, far from the image of the sparkling, romantic French capital on movies and books.

A series of photos of trashy street corners or seriously polluted rivers has sparked people's outrage at the Paris government. Anonymous Twitter account @PanamePropre, the creator of the trend of posting pictures of Paris in the garbage, said city residents "can no longer accept an ugly, dirty Paris."

The @PanamePropre account also said that it doesn't think #saccageparis can make such a big deal of impact today. "However, I am not too surprised. The current disaster will continue if there is no more drastic reaction. We must call for this prevention. Behind the keyword, 'Inundated Paris' are just the people. Ordinary people," wrote PanamePropre.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo meanwhile called the campaign to post pictures of the littered city an act of intentional smear. "Like other cities in France, Paris faces many problems in the management of public spaces," Mayor Hidalgo's office said, accusing Twitter users of intentionally posting pre-acceptance photos. Environmental staff to handle the waste.

Some difficulties have also been noted by officials in Paris, as the number of the city's environmental staff has fallen by about 10% due to the influence of Covid-19. "Paris is clearly the target of a smear campaign through the #saccageparis keyword," the Paris official stressed.

However, Mayor Hidalgo's political opponents continued to debate the waste situation in Paris and called for a special session to discuss it.

Former Attorney General Rachida Dati said it was time for Mayor Hidalgo and her allies "to awaken to the demise of Paris." Meanwhile, right-wing leader Marine Le Pen said, "the degradation of the beautiful capital under the Hidalgo government is a national pain that no French can ignore."

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